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Snowhite’s Secret Box di Ana Juan

The music of an old music box, which is repeated as a continuous accompany a wake, introduces us to the lost world of small Snowhite, scomprsa at an early age in a rather mysterious.

And’ in this gloomy atmosphere Ana Juan tells his version of the famous tale of the Brothers Grim.

The account in which you dive multimedia installations by visiting the exhibition is inspired by the discovery of a box that belonged to the small contains drawings and memories of his short, sad life.
The faded memories in black and white of a childhood of abuse set in a London lived by visiting the degradation of prostitution and murder of slums, mingle with the nightmares of small creatures of habit in the world where the night, charge of their evil connotation as mice, spiders and bats, surround all the tables with which the artist takes us into this story.

I remember leaving the natural death of the mother where her father tears to bring in the big house on the orders of new stepmother, Snowhite lives only where that mark real nightmare from beginning to end, the sad face with which she lived this hell of childhood.

The escape from the abode of Snowhite / castle, he lives in the abuse of an absent father and stepmother dedicated to prostitution concentrated in the care of his body almost always shown in the nude, not bring in a fresh forest inhabited by squirrels, birds and other cute animals, but in the dirty basement of the seven brothers Penny. Here the miserable life of a waitress who tries to carve out is soon cut short by poison stepmother, covered to avoid recognition, administers the last atrocity.
The atmosphere is maintained thinking since also the closing of the history, where the poison is represented disquieting form of a syringe and not by the winding of a sweet fruit.
The body becomes the sinister relic of Snowhite 7 the tavern, never without a Prince Charming to intervene for the happy ending.

Leaving the show, when cages or other distressing portraits are now behind, the restlessness of the dismal tale enters the last time when we make a new case to the litany with which the carillon has not stopped dondolarci while underwater in the tragic story.

Snowhite’s Secret Box: Pianocoteca National Bologna. Free admission.

Some technical notes: the curved wooden cages are modeled with laser cutting, drawings of the appearance of the puppets that populate the cages are made of printing on fabric then stuffed.

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